KWDS aplolgy about T-shirt design

faber faber at
Sat Jan 11 14:48:28 PST 1997

                     OOPS !!!!!!!!!

I am very very sorry about sending such a large bitmap across the net.  I
have already gotten several replies about bringing the net and modems to a
halt, and Outlands mail rejected the posting due to its size.

I was very proud of the T-shirt design and hoped to spark interest prior to
the event.

I have learned a serious lesson about bulk mailings.  I should have sent the
message bulk and waited for replies before sending the image of the design,
thus targeting the recipient. 

I know how expensive online time is and I learned a serious lesson at youe
expense.  Again, I am very sorry.

I am still very new at this (less than 3 months) but hopefully  wiser now.

Known World Dance Symposium autocrat

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