KWDS aplolgy about T-shirt design

Hanny D. Budnick 74031.77 at CompuServe.COM
Sat Jan 11 16:45:50 PST 1997

Hi - 
 fortunately I caught the size of the file at the beginning of the transmission
and cancelled it. NOBODY's T-shirt is worth that much download time and expense!
Please consider that junk snail mail is just a nuisance, but junk email is very
expensive to the recipient - and that's not even considering the other
 Your apology is accepted, but in the future try to think before you inundate
the world with commercials! Who but the registered attenders of the symposium
would want to have the shirt anyway? Or do you feast on the assumption that it
will turn into a collector's item as soon as it hits the T-shirt table? Give us
a break, okay?
 Hanny Budnick

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