SCA feasts

Matthew R. Popalisky mpopali at
Sun Jan 12 13:31:25 PST 1997

On 10 Jan 1997, Mark Harris wrote:

> >>>>
> I'm afraid this is not just a problem for new folks, either. We (my wife and
> I)
> have often felt left out of it at a feast when we find ourselves eating
> alone. 
> Although I have sometimes been forward enough to ask others to join us for
> feast, she often feels that we are imposing on others when I do this. She
> seldom will do this herself, even though she is now much less shy and afraid 
> than she was when she first joined the SCA.
Try those that are looking about enviously/fearfully and trying to find a

If you see a pair 5.5" & 6", both with glasses and brown hair with a round
bushel feast basket, impose away!  We would even share our cheese and


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