Coronation Reservations

Michael Gunter michael_gunter1 at
Mon Jan 13 09:04:05 PST 1997

Hello all,

I'm sorry but here is another posting on Coronation.  (I know,  "we're so

Please notify everyone that reservations are not required.  The previous
chronicler of the Black Star made us post a hall limit.  We are preparing for
450-500 gentles to attend and even if more than that show they will be taken
care of.  We'll all be a little cozy, but remember that we are Black Oak Keep
and anyone who comes to our door will be fed and welcomed.

Please let everyone in your area know about this.

There is no need for people to make long distance phone calls only to be told
that it was unnecessary.  Remember my unofficial feastocrat motto:  "If we
feed them, they will come."

Hope to see you all next weekend.



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