Bonwicke 12th Night

Gileshill at Gileshill at
Tue Jan 14 12:03:46 PST 1997

Well, I feel constrained to say something about Bonwicke's 12th Night, but
since I wasn't at this one, I'll just yammer a bit about the first one...

It was (probably) '83... Bonwicke wanted to have a Twelfth Night, but only a
few of us had been to one before.  We gritted our teeth, and girded up our
loins, figured that it was only a feast and some publicity. I remember that
it was snowing, and Vallust was out in the cold in his Crusader tabard and
blue Southern Cross baldric, smoking and shivering.  I can remember Rhiannon
dancing (with big snow chains, for some reason) and lots of incredible food,
including -thank you very much- a delicious mess of honied carrots almondine.
 Branwyn and Sabia came, and played (the jam session in my apartment went on
for hours!).

I think there was a play, and probably some dancing, and all in all, I
remember it being one of the more enjoyable feasts I've been to.  (Not the
most elegant, glamourous, or best-dressed... just more fun!)


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