personas & garb

E.Preston III & Shelly K Walker wf3 at
Tue Jan 14 13:02:14 PST 1997

I suppose the accurate wording would be *cross century dressing*
Here's my dilema or sorts.
I would like to be playing fairly early period Breton Celt. I prefer
wearing pants of a type, especially when I'm camping. I don't mind some
dresses for court and such, but my daily attire is going to be pants and
tunic with tabard or surcoat.
When did sleeve dags come about? 
I really love duck material. Is this acceptable? About any tapestry? I
have to say, costuming books I've got my hands on seem a little skimpy
in the early period stuff. I realize I have not named a century, as I'm
willing to travel a little up or down to fit my garb needs. And, hey, I
can't afford to give all my *wrong* garb to the hospitaler and start
Britta the Red


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