Western Region Hospitaler

DEIDRA L GOUGH cat_eyes at juno.com
Tue Jan 14 15:08:04 PST 1997

Greetings to the Western Region of Ansteorra,
(everyone else please excuse the space I'm taking up--it's the only way I
know to reach everyone in one fell swoop)

This has been a busy reign for us all. Numbers of new people are up, but
I'm not so sure about memberships. Hospitalers: please encourage your
populace to renew or apply for new membership in the Society. We could
use it. Stress the advantages to being a member.  What? can't think of
any? Try these...
*Monthly Kingdom newsletter
*Quarterly Society newsletter
*Site fee discounts at some events with membership  card.
*Discounts at certain mundane retail stores with membership card 
I'm sure you have several more up your sleeve. Use them. We need them.
You all should have the packet I sent out... If there are any questions,
contact me. 

I'd like to stress again the need for memberships-- people, this is
important to the Region as well as your local group. Membership forms can
be found in the Black Star. Your seneschal and chronicler should have
copies as well. 

As Always, In Service
To Kingdom and the Dream
Lady Deirdre the Easily Distracted
Western Regional Hospitaler
Kingdom of Ansteorra

Resurrection? Been there, done that. Can you say "Isis & Osiris"?

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