personas & garb

Matthew R. Popalisky mpopali at
Tue Jan 14 15:57:43 PST 1997

On Tue, 14 Jan 1997, E.Preston III & Shelly K Walker wrote:

> I would like to be playing fairly early period Breton Celt. I prefer
> wearing pants of a type, especially when I'm camping. I don't mind some
> dresses for court and such, but my daily attire is going to be pants and
> tunic with tabard or surcoat.

I'll stick my neck out here and say that women's pants truly started about
the 1800s.  Didn't catch on til roughly teh 1950's ish.  Fire at will, all
ye who know better.

> When did sleeve dags come about? 

once again, I'll hazard late 1300s.

> I really love duck material. Is this acceptable? About any tapestry? I
> have to say, costuming books I've got my hands on seem a little skimpy
> in the early period stuff.

Early period research is called read the sagas etc. and hope for clothing
discriptions, or hunt down resources on archeological digs.  If you're
using A History of Costume From 1066-1930 (I think that's the title), dont
ever admit to it, and remember it's just a guide.  Diarmuit, I think this
is your bailiwick.


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