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Scott Fridenberg scottf at
Wed Jan 15 02:07:20 PST 1997

        Upon reflection, (which should have been done before 
posting, not after,) I want to clarify my earlier comments 
concerning events that charge extra for non-members.  This 
isn't a retraction.  What I posted does reflect my feelings on 
the subject, but I could prouably have expressed it more 
        The Internet being what it is, it's not unlikely that 
someone will take my posting to mean that I think that groups 
that charge extra for non-members are full of vile and 
reprehensable people.  That is not the case.  The Society is 
made up of a very diverse group of individuals, who hold a 
diverse set of opinions on almost any subject.  This is a good 
thing.  Many people for whom I have the utmost respect have 
opinions and beliefs that I strongly disagree with.  My 
disagreement with them doesn't alter my respect for them, and 
my respect for them doesn't alter my disagreement with them.  
I learned long ago that good, decent, honorable people can 
disagree, and still be good, decent, honorable people.  
Personally I think it's a lesson more people both in and out 
of the Society need to learn.  I am quite sure that those 
groups who charge extra for non-members belive that they are 
doing a good thing.  I disagree.                    
        I did not mean to imply that I automaticly boycott 
all events that charge extra for non-members, but it is a factor 
I consider in chosing which events I go to.  Fortunatly it 
isn't an issue that comes up very often.  In looking through 
the January Black Star I only find one event that is charging 
non-members more than members.  Gulf War.  Actually the way 
they phrase it is that members get a $5.00 discount, but it's 
the same thing in my opinion.  In browsing throuugh an earlier 
Black Star I couldn't find any events changing non-members 
Robert Fitzmorgan
Barony of Northkeep

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