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Matthew R. Popalisky mpopali at
Wed Jan 15 05:45:19 PST 1997

On Tue, 14 Jan 1997, Joe Bosko wrote:

> I have a question.. In order for someone to receive an Order of Merit (or
> for that matter ANY SCA Award) shouldn't they be a "PAID" member of the
> Society?  If not, then I believe the procedures need to be changed.  An
> individual CANNOT be deserving of the above mentioned award (or any) if
> he/she DOES NOT attend ANY Shire events; discourages other members of
> his/her household from attending or participating in Shire events or help
> the Shire in any way.. Can I get some other views (acrubray at

I am curious what happened here, it almost sounds like the sort of
shinanegan that happens in Grimfells, but I'm not sure even Pavel could
pull that off.

Assuming that the Iris is rather like the Calon Lily and Silver Hammer, it
requires proficiency in one's craft, ability in related crafts, and one
must be able to TEACH proficently and often.  After one reaches this
level, it really helps to have people notice what you are doing and send
in forms to TRM.  I also understood that TRM often (and should) get in
touch with the appropriate shire officer to say "Hey, tell me about
Ezmerelda the Nifty,"  which is where aforementioned nasty person should
be shot down.

It isn't a perfect world, especially once there's more than 200 members in
a group.  This stuff happens.  I am sorry this stuff happens.  The best
thing a lot of us can do is to live right anyway, and be a good example.


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