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The Cadal continues to be a force in Ansteorra, my estimable friend, and 
will (gleefully) continue to be of importance as long as its principal 
members are still participants.

Other households are or have also been of particular impact. Of great note 
on the wider scale are Wolfstar (how could you forget *them*?), the Amazons, 
and <engage party mode!> "the Bob". Of particular importance in the Steppes 
currently I would have to mention House Bloodstone <disengage party mode>.

Historically noteworthy I can personally remember Minas Narye (Wiesenfeur), 
Clan Silverthorne (Namron &c.), House Evergreen (Steppes? "central"?), House 
Wokiah (Moonschadowe & later Wiesenfeur), and (esp. / particularly in 
Moonschadowe) House Catchlove.  There is my own House Dreamwind of the 
Shadowed Moon, now dormant except for my own self yet once with as many as a 
dozen active participants.

And then there are households that you might not always consider in the same 
manner: House Triad, the Gilwells, etc.  Smaller groupings, organized 
primarily around a "true" mundane household, but with friends in many *many* 

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Countess, I am told households used to be VERY VERY BIG THINGS indeed
in Ansteorra.  The was an award for households: Pillar of Ansteorra.
>From the little I've heard (e.g., the feuding between Clan Cadall and
another clan whose name escapes me)x, it's a good thing that
households are far, far less important.  Currently, the only important
household -- indeed, I don't know if it's a household per se or just
an unofficial group -- is (IIRC) Duke Sigmund's Backyard Crew.  xBut
I'm quite willing to be corrected if I err in this.

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