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>Countess, I am told households used to be VERY VERY BIG THINGS indeed
>in Ansteorra.  
Yes, that is true.  But remember that there were only approx 8 groups when
Ansteorra became a principality (15 when we became a Kingdom).  Households
bridged the gaps and allowed for a more or less wide spread SCA group that
could and did cross group boarders.  If you had lived in western or far
northern Ansteorra you would have found it quite a long drive to the
closest group. 

>There was an award for households: Pillar of Ansteorra.

True, this was a principality award given to households that provided great
service to the pricipality.  Remember Ansteorra was only a pricipality for
approx. 18 months.

>>From the little I've heard (e.g., the feuding between Clan Cadall and
>another clan whose name escapes me)x, it's a good thing that
>households are far, far less important.  Currently, the only important
>household -- indeed, I don't know if it's a household per se or just
>an unofficial group -- is (IIRC) Duke Sigmund's Backyard Crew.  xBut
>I'm quite willing to be corrected if I err in this.
>Daniel de Lincoln
We I don't know if His graces fighter practice could be called a household
but, I am willing to bet you that Rolling Thunder, Wolfstar, Blackmore, and
Mountaingate would all consider themselves Households.  I think that you
will find that there are a great number of households active in Ansteorra.
It is just that with so many groups they have assumed become groups of
people that come toghter out of comraderie and friendship rather than the
added requirement of no local group.  I know of at least 5 active household
in Wiesenfeuer.

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