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        Concerning Households:
                When I first entered the SCA, which was a while ago, there
were two Baronies (Stargate and Steppes) and one shire (Bjornsborg, which
was then caled Bear's Fort).  Hardly anyone in Bjornsborg at that time had
any awards and many were college students and very new in the SCA.
Households formed as 1) extended families, 2) a means to go somewhere or do
something cheaply, and 3) an informal structure filling the gap of not
having many peers and nobles per se.  There were some common law rules
about households.  1) It could be formed by a lord and a lady, 2) three
individuals (three women, three men, three sheep)  or it could be formed by
a Peer or Noble.  Great Houses, like Greater House Locksley, were so called
that if the household were made up of smaller households (kinda like an
umbrella corporation, I think.  You get the idea)
        They were important and actually I miss them a great deal since the
Household I had (Freehold of Stonebridge) was a very supportive group.
        I am not sure about the allusion of the war that the Clan Cadal had
with another household.  We had Clan Games with the Clan Cadal (a Great
House) and the Ard Dun (another Great House) but it was in fun.  There were
problems with individuals at this time, but the households never really
were at war with each other.  At least, the principals maybe were at war.
        Sigmund's backyard fighter practise is just that a backyard fighter
practise.  I don't think there is any formal recognition.

CR St John

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