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Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Wed Jan 15 15:46:51 PST 1997

> Master Daniel

Wow, I'm now in the SSS!  No no no, not the Sodality of the Sentinals
of the Stargate -- the Society of Saint Saponaceous.  Membership is
automatic to all those who, on the net (mostly, get
called by a title they do not possess.  I think the principal of the
order is "Duke" Justin du Coeur.  (The person posting the message is
offered membership in the Order of the Visage Gules, but certainly
need not accept.)

Of course, if you meant that in the *period* sense ... why, *sputter*
*sputter* how DARE you use a period title in a period way!  That's
utterly VERBOTEN!

> I had a great pithy reply from you

Of all the adjectives I could think of to apply to me, "pithy" would
not have been in the top hundred -- unless you have a serious lisp and
can't pronounce "ss".

Removing my tongue from WAY far deep in my cheek ...

HL Daniel de Lincoln, SSt.S
                             Tim McDaniel
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