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Jeanne C. Stapleton jstaplet at
Wed Jan 15 16:33:37 PST 1997

> > Master Daniel
> Wow, I'm now in the SSS!  No no no, not the Sodality of the
> Sentinals of the Stargate -- the Society of Saint Saponaceous. 
> Membership is automatic to all those who, on the net (mostly
>, get called by a title they do not possess.  I think
> the principal of the order is "Duke" Justin du Coeur.  (The person
> posting the message is offered membership in the Order of the Visage
> Gules, but certainly need not accept.)
My mistake...I thought I'd seen you cited elsewhere as Master
Daniel.  My face isn't red, since we haven't met, it's a natural
mistake;  my sweatshirt is, but that's because it's an Avalanche
sweatshirt!  (When not in garb, I play the role of hockey fan
quite well.)

ANYWAY!  Enjoy the brief promotion; I get called Your Grace all
the time, most especially by people in An Tir who should know better,
and the times I've been promoted to costuming Laurel...

> Of course, if you meant that in the *period* sense ... why,
> *sputter* *sputter* how DARE you use a period title in a period way!
>  That's utterly VERBOTEN!
I didn't, but if we get to have a huge dramatic extroverted e-quarrel
about it...:-)  consider it period.  :-)

> > I had a great pithy reply from you
> Of all the adjectives I could think of to apply to me, "pithy" would
> not have been in the top hundred -- unless you have a serious lisp
> and can't pronounce "ss".
Nope, I am lisp-free.  

Countess Berengaria de Montfort de Carcassonne, OP
Barony of Caerthe
Kingdom of the Outlands

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