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Jerry Herring jherring at
Thu Jan 16 00:39:42 PST 1997

	In regards to required membership for Award recipients:  Not everyone in the SCA can contribute monetarily.  I am a college student.(and like many college students) it seems to be more important to pay our rent or to buy food then to pay for our membership.  I have been a member in the past(when I could afford it.)  Although I am not a official member right now that doesn't stop me from trying to do my part for my group.(I won't go into detail) 

	BTW  Wasn't it  just last year that the required $3.00 fee for non-members caused some a ruckus here in Ansteorra? 

I think it would be a sad affair if all awards recipients had to be paid members.  It would mean several of the locals, who like me, can't afford membership would not receive their well deserved awards.    

  One of the local households has taken to donating memberships once a year.  As a recipient last year, it was VERY much appreciated.  This could be something other households or individuals try to do for their own local branches.  

a practicing non-official member,
Lady Kelandra Carmichael
Barony of Northkeep
jherring at
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