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Paul Gilbert vis_pfg at
Wed Jan 15 22:53:36 PST 1997


The discussion of paying monies to the SCA or to any organization as a 
member has touched a hot button for me. goes......

I am new to the SCA and only begin playing about 9 months ago. However, 
my Lady has been in for about 3 years.

I have however, been a member of several (and still are) large, national 
hobby groups that also require membership in order to gain certain things.

These groups promote that hobby and expand and defend when needed, that 
hobby and its resources.

I view paying for membership as a very vital part of particpating in a 
hobby that has an organized and recoginzed ogranization that represents 
it...such as the SCA, Inc.

It is thru this organization that the basis of our group has come. To not 
support it, financially, is not in good form and if everyone had that 
feeling then the hobby and organization would fall into ruins.

Perhaps some can not afford the $35 a year. Perhaps.....

But, I know many that blast that much on soft drinks in a week. Food for 
thought there.

At the very paying and being a member, it buys (yes and I 
mean buys you just like a soft drink, in my humble opinion) the right and 
priveleges (sp?) to bitch or praise a group.

That is why, despite, I often disagree with a national organization that 
represents my other hobby (ham radio) I pay my membership so I can with a 
clear concious and full rights let them have it or pat them on the back, 
when ever the need arises.

I know that for the most part the only way the SCA gets its funding is 
thru the memberships. No SCA, as we know it today.

Been there, done that...on another group.

I feel much better now......

As I said, memberships and paying for them is a hot spot for me.

I will now fade back into the woods.


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