Membership, Awards, Local Participation

William H. Herron III wherron at
Thu Jan 16 04:57:30 PST 1997

> Lady Kelandra Carmichael

> BTW  Wasn't it just last year that the required $3.00 fee for non-
> members caused some a ruckus here in Ansteorra?

Yes, it was.  That fee was actually imposed across the board (all
kingdoms), not just in Ansteorra.  We were one of the first to get rid
of it, although the current policy (Kingdom Seneschal's newsletter from
last year) still allows a local group to charge a non-member surcharge
if they'd like.  (I haven't seen one

> One of the local households has taken to donating memberships once a 
> year.  As a recipient last year, it was VERY much appreciated.  This
> could be something other households or individuals try to do for their 
> own local branches.

Treasurer Mode On:  while households and individuals can do that, it is
important to make sure that the money does NOT go through an SCA group's
(Shire, Canton, Barony, etc.) bank account in the process.  Once it hits
a group's account, it becomes SCA funds and can't be used for personal
benefits (e.g. someone's membership).

As long as a group account isn't involved, then it's a case of people
putting together their own money to do something nice, and I'm all for

Not that I have any experience in SCA Treasury operations, mind you...


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