Clan Mood Feather

Baker, Mike mbaker at
Thu Jan 16 08:11:00 PST 1997

> > If I can get to anything in the near future, I guess I better deck
> > myself out with some mood feathers.  Peacock are actually good
> > qualifiers for this.
> > So who else is in?
> You, Diedre and myself so far.... anyone else out there interested in
> a Virtual Household?

<long stare at VirtualCeiling> Why not?

But I wanna claim *pheasant* feathers for myself.  Rationale: ever seen the 
fancy-dancers at a pow-wow who opt for "traditional" instead of the 
gaudy-gaudy mirrors&neon modern stuff? They may not make the immediate 
impressions, but they make the impressions that last... and most of them 
seem to use pheasant.

Besides, one of these years I am going to appear at an event in full regalia 
for the Wah-sha-she [Osage] alternate persona ("cultural contact" = Spanish 
& possibly even French explorers pre-1600).

So. Who gets to be Head of House, or do we need one?

<silly-serious stuff: I love it!>

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