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Thu Jan 16 08:32:49 PST 1997

Here is how I "found" my persona. When I first joined the SCA, I wanted to be
early period. I wanted to be Norse. I could not find ANYTHING on Norsewomen's
dress, and the only costume I had was a caveman outfit left over from
halloween. It was NOT a fur bikini....

At any rate, I gave up looking for Norse and settled on 13th Centruy German.
Houplandes, hats, trains, the whole nine yards. I made up a story and some
costumes, found a name, registered it, and there I was... Marianne Therese
Von Eichendorf.

Well, shortly after I had about two dresses, I went to my first event. It was
October, and it was HOT. I decided that the event was way too much fun to be
trapped in trains, long flowing sleeves, and hats. I made some generic
t-tunic dresses until I found something else. By then, a person had moved to
the Shire that knew a bit about Norse dress, and she told me about the
aprons, etc. It took only three months for my name change to go through,
added a device, and Sigrid Eiriksdottir was born!

I'm constantly learning new things about my persona. It is fascinating. 

As for becomming a Celt, the best way to find out about your persona is to
ask established Celts about research materials, look at THEIR garb. I 've
seen lots of Celtic women personas wearing pants. If Mistress Branwen does
it, I'm sure it's accurate! :) Get out the embroidery needles!


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