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I've been lurking  this list for a couple of days - since some kind soul posted
the subscription info for this list on my home list "the Middlebridge", so I
thought I'd poke my nose in and see what's going on down there these days.  I'm
an ex-Bjornsborger  (Hi, Gunnorra!), and still miss that special home where I
'grew up' (I'd joined the SCA only 10 month's before my arrival there in 1982)
and I got my Sable Thistle just before I left there.  I was especially
disappointed to hear the news about the loss of Ragnar.  He was a good friend, a
wonderful person.

I'm a Midrealmer now, though currently on personal leave to the Outlands (to the
Caerthan Countess: mayhap we will meet at Candlemas), but I'm still a
Bjornsborger at heart.  I'm enjoying the conversation about memberships and
awards & Gunnora, you hit the nail on the head (if I could compose a half-way
decent opinion posting, I'd say you took the words right out of my mouth) when
you said: 
>I also believe that Peers should strive to be members, if for no other
>reason than to help support the organization which we have spent so much
>time as a part of.

>I do not believe that anyone should be required to pay a mebership before
>getting an award, however.  Why?  No one asks "Are you a paid member?" of
>the person who sits all night at gate guard.  No proof of membership is
>required of the gentle who volunteers their time and often materials to
>teach a class.  The cooks in the kitchen, the servers in the hall, and the
>weary clean-up crew aren't checked for their blue cards before reporting to
>work.  And since we were none too concerned that they be members while
>working their buns off, or otherwise doing whatever made them eligible for
>an award, we certainly should not have the gall to say, "Gee, you've done
>all this wonderful stuff.  Too darned bad you were such a deadbeat you
>couldn't pay your dues.  No award for you."

Anyway, aside from all that I just have one question - is there a digested
version of this list?  My mailbox is getting kinda full.

Genevieve Chastisse de Vaucresson, OL
Shire of Swordcliffe, Midrealm
currently sitting on a mountainside in Dragonspine, the Outlands 

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