Membership, Awards, Local Participation

Timothy A. McDaniel tmcd at
Thu Jan 16 10:57:31 PST 1997

Gunnora wrote:
> Officers, barons/esses and Crowns NEED to be members, however, in order to
> be covered by the SCA's liability insurance.

Last I heard, the event liability insurance does NOT cover SCA
members.  If Sokol Hall burns down (which the Lord forbid), they
get paid.  If Joe Seneschal lets people use his house for populace
meeting and his hotpot explodes, he gets nothing from the SCA.

As well, we're not "members" under California law,
in which state the SCA, Inc. is incorporated.  I forget the exact
term the Bylaws or ARticles of Incorporation use -- "subscriber",
perhaps?  At least one of the two says that for purposes of the
governing documents we're not members according to California Code
xxxx, and all references to "member" should be interpreted as
....  (I'm sorry, but I'm at work and don't have the documents
to hand.)

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