Awards Policy (Households in Ansteorra)

J. Michael Shew jshewkc at
Thu Jan 16 13:38:02 PST 1997

	Interesting.  Your Calontir Lurker has been engaged in perusing
this thread with a lot of interest.  And yes, there are some very grasping
hoseholds out there.
	Being an "auxillary" member of several households, (I'm a bard.  I
don't work just one,) I have been co-opted by several groups to try to get
me to be "their bard" only.
	The idea behind a household was, I thought, to gather like-minded
gentles together for support.  Some of the houses in Calontir are more
like political machines.
	However, most are just what they are supposed to be: support
groups, "families" when you have none, and worthy sponsors for struggling
artisans who need support.  I have often thought of starting a household
of performers, including instrumentalists, actors, jugglers, jesters,
etc., and trying to find GOA or POA level nobles to act as their patrons.
Now that I have been informed by not only this net, but several others
just what some houses have become, I am less inclined to do it.
	What do you say?  Is the political temptation too great?  Is the
image some households projecting to the Knowne Worlde too negative for the
start of this project?
	I am a bit worried...
	Lurker mode, re-engaged.

	PS:  Shameless plug;  I will be teaching at WinterKingdom in
Northkeep!  I do real good with Norse Poetry, and I make it accessable to
the Norse-impaired!  See me do it without a net!

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