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Sorry, I hit the wrong button on the last message. Here is the reply I meant
to send:
At 03:38 PM 1/16/97 -0600, you wrote:
>	However, most are just what they are supposed to be: support
>groups, "families" when you have none, and worthy sponsors for struggling
>artisans who need support.  I have often thought of starting a household
>of performers, including instrumentalists, actors, jugglers, jesters,
>etc., and trying to find GOA or POA level nobles to act as their patrons.
>Now that I have been informed by not only this net, but several others
>just what some houses have become, I am less inclined to do it.
>	What do you say?  Is the political temptation too great?  Is the
>image some households projecting to the Knowne Worlde too negative for the
>start of this project?
>	I am a bit worried...
>	Lurker mode, re-engaged.
>	Mikal
You answered the question yourself when you stated most are just what they
are supposed to be. If the majority have resisted the temptation, then in
all likely a household you form will most likely be able to keep to its
purpose, especially since you are aware of the dangers. And if worse came to
worse, you can dissolve the household and inform the College of Heralds that
you are releasing the name and badge.
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