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Mark Harris mark_harris at
Thu Jan 16 15:04:45 PST 1997

Daniel de Lincoln said:

Gunnora wrote:
> Officers, barons/esses and Crowns NEED to be members, however, in order to
> be covered by the SCA's liability insurance.

Last I heard, the event liability insurance does NOT cover SCA
members.  If Sokol Hall burns down (which the Lord forbid), they
get paid.  If Joe Seneschal lets people use his house for populace
meeting and his hotpot explodes, he gets nothing from the SCA.

This was not what was meant by covering officers by the insurance. If 
Sokol Hall burns down, the owners can sue both the SCA and the seneschal
for their losses. The insurance would cover both the SCA and the

If the sensechal was not a member then it would be much easier 
for the insurer to say that the seneschal (who signed for the
hall) was not acting on behalf of the SCA therefor they would not
cover either the SCA or the seneschal for the losses.

In the case of Joe Seneschal's exploding hotpot, since the house was not
rented to the SCA, the SCA would have no liability. It would however,
be covered under Joe Seneschal's homeowner's policy.

The SCA insurance is a minimal policy designed primarily to allow the
SCA to rent sites that require the renting organisation to have such

Stefan li Rous

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