Clan Mood Feather

Marc D McKeeman marcusmac at
Thu Jan 16 15:04:58 PST 1997

  Rationale: ever 
>seen the 
>fancy-dancers at a pow-wow who opt for "traditional" instead of the 
>gaudy-gaudy mirrors&neon modern stuff? They may not make the immediate >
>impressions, but they make the impressions that last... and most of
>seem to use pheasant.

That all depends on tribal preferance.  Feathers used, in plains dance
and ceromonial dress, are any combination, of Owl , Eagle, Hawk, peasant
and any bird of personal desire.
>Besides, one of these years I am going to appear at an event in full 
>regalia >for the Wah-sha-she [Osage] alternate persona ("cultural
contact" = 
>Spanish >& possibly even French explorers pre-1600).

I would look forward to joining you, in this exploit.  I not only have a
Scotish, Islamic personae, of the 12th century. I also have one that can
span the SCA time period.   And I have used it before.
>So. Who gets to be Head of House, or do we need one?

Do we really need one, just wearing the feather will bring it together.
><silly-serious stuff: I love it!>
>Kihe Blackeagle (the Dreamsinger Bard)  s.k.a. Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri 

Washte,   Kihe Blackeagle , may our paths cross many times .
Salam, to the Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri al-Amra, peace to you and yours, may
your camel always spit down wind, and infest your enemys with its fleas.

Aho!  Lone Wolf, s.k.a.  H.L. Marcus McKeon of Clan McKeeman,

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