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Thu Jan 16 18:05:20 PST 1997

>Consider this thought experiment (along the lines of the parable of
>the Good Samaritan):
>Person A is the group treasurer.  He's done OK: mostly got his reports
>in on time, cashes the checks within 3 months of the event (except
>that one time, where a few of the checks went stale and didn't clear).
>Person B is the knight's marshal.  He can't get to many fighter
>practices, but he usually can authorize people if you make an
>appointment and he doesn't forget.
>Person C is always there to support events.  He rewired the group's
>barn site.  He's among the first to arrive and the last to leave,
>often doing the scutwork.  He sometimes takes night duties.  He's
>helped with combat, a lot with archery.
>Suppose A and B have sent $35 to Milpitas, and C has not.

  My personal experience has pointed out that person C is the person
most likley to have sent in his membership.  He will pick up beer cans
and sell plasma if he has to.  Heck if he can't, I'll pay for him
myself.  I have paid for five different "C's" over the last 15 years.

People like that are worth trying to keep.

Ld. Maximillion Muhleisen
max at

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