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William H. Herron III wherron at sprintmail.com
Thu Jan 16 19:23:48 PST 1997

Burke McCrory wrote:

> >FitzBubba wrote:
> > Incipient groups may not "sponsor" events in Ansteorra (per Kingdom
> > Law, Article V Section 1 and Article VIII Section 6).

> While your interpretation of Kingdom Law would appear to be correct.

Thank you, sir.

> The policy established by the previous Kingdom Seneschal allows
> incipient groups to hold events without a sponsor.

Whoops!  First I've heard of it.  (smile)

> Unless His Grace Inman has change the policy I would assume that the
> old policy is still in effect.

Wait a sec.  His Grace has a policy that changes Kingdom Law, it hasn't
been published in the Kingdom Newsletter per Kingdom Law, the Crown
hasn't officially announced any change to Kingdom Law on this matter in
court (at least, not one that I've been in), and I'm supposed to know
about it because I'm the person who decides what groups get what events? 
I'm confused.  Are there any other alterations His Grace has made to
Kingdom Law?

> You will need to get a ruling from His Grace Inman to change the
> policy.

If you will remind me, I will speak with His Grace this weekend.  If he
has a policy that changes Kingdom Law, I'll have him get with Lord Barat
and Their Majesties and work out an announcement for the Black Star.

UNTIL THEN, this office retains its interpretation:  Incipient groups in
Ansteorra may not host events per Kingdom Law.


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