"Growth" vs. Awards Policy

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> >> > are you speaking of the inclusion of Oriental and New World
> >> > personae in a group which has in its charter "Western Europe
> >> > and lands affecting it [MAJOR paraphrase}?
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> >> I am in disagreement with the premise of the paraphrase, holding
> >> in particular that the older, "gentler", concept of "cultural
> >> contact" is both more conducive to inclusion and simpler to
> >> apply.  Even using the sense of "lands affecting it" I would deem
> >> must of necessity include the New World and the Orient so long as
> >> we continue to define our "period" as 600ce through at least
> >> 1600ce. *Particularly* as concerns Spain and the New World, Italy
> >> and the other areas impacted by "the Silk Road", the Byzantines
> >> and their use of Oriental silk, and the spice trade in general.
> I have an alternate personae, that is new World, and has had
> oppision on ocasion.
>  Depending on how much, or how little I dress, depends on my time
>  period.
Once again...are you talking scantiness of clothing here or what?
> Any oppinons on this type of personae, I would like to hear.
I think it's terrific, frankly.  I do have to point out that when 
Pocahontas moved to England with her husband, she did dress 
in farthingales and the whole nine yards.  However, I have read
of natives of Brazil and the Canary Islands being brought back to
the French court to perform in court masques as "wild men".

And then there's the interaction between the conquistadores and
the civilizations they encountered.  I haven't read any primary 
sources about this, just general accounts.

> I am also known by my tribel name,   Lone Wolf, given to me by an
> elder of the Cedar Clan.
> H.L. Marcus
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Countess Berengaria de Montfort de Carcassonne, OP
Barony of Caerthe
Kingdom of the Outlands

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