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I am forwarding this note from the Midrealm.  It is for any cook,
brewer or anyone interested in the culinary arts.



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The Marche of the Thistle (Wooster, Ohio) will host an Interkingdom
Cooking, Brewing and Vinting Collegium on July 5, 1997, at the Sacred
Heart Roman Catholic Church in Wadsworth, Ohio.  Wadsworth is west of

The Autocrat is Master Patrick McPhelan (Robert Cripps), 3214 Styx
Hill Road, Medina, OH 44526, 330-336-5832.  Classes Coordinator is
Dame Alys Katharine (Elise Fleming), 3950 Walter Road, North
Olmscom.com.  Contact Alys if you wish to teach a class.  ( A t this
date the classes are not yet set!)  Site opens at 9 a.m. and classes
begin at 10 a.m.  There will be a lunch break from noon to 1:30.  Lst
for feast if you bring food (or period-type beverage) to serve 8-10. 
(A copy of your recipe and its source w ill be appreciated.)  If you
bring no food or beverage the cost for feast is $5.00.  Clrom 6-7 p.m.
 Socialization and discussion groups are encouraged after dinner.

Cleveland has numerous touristy attractions such as the Rock and Roll
Hall of Fame and the new Science Center plus the Cleveland Museum of
Art, Lake Erie, etc.  Akron/Canton has an exciting Inventureraged. 
Motels are available as is some crash space.  I f
 you get cheap airfare and fly into Cleveland we will work out getting
 you from there to the event, if you wish.

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