Awards Policy (Households in Ansteorra)

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Fri Jan 17 14:34:50 PST 1997

On Fri, 17 Jan 1997, Jeanne C. Stapleton wrote:

(Snipping my own stuff)
> >  Being an "auxillary" member of several households, (I'm a bard.  I
> > don't work just one,) I have been co-opted by several groups to try
> > to get me to be "their bard" only.
> I'm not sure why the emphasis on exclusion.  I like to know who's 
> "with" my household for practical reasons:  how many spaces to plan 
> for at feast table.  How many square feet to grab for a camp.  Etc.
> And if we have an internal household problem, I'd raelly rather not 
> have somebody dashing out the door to tell 25 other people about it.
> The family quarrel idea.

	(Snipping Someone elses stuff)

> Countess Berengaria de Montfort de Carcassonne, OP
> Barony of Caerthe
> Kingdom of the Outlands
	The Idea of being an auxillary to all those households was they
didn't have to take care of me.  Quite the contrary, I took care of them.
	And most of the kingdom knows I don't tell tales out of school.
	However, I am not offended.  I have met the type that would go
running out os the hall to tell who did what to whom at the most
inopportune moment.  So I can understand your fear of the "Auxilary Bard".  
	My own service to the households has been as entertainer, records
keeper, and on very rare occasions, peacemaker between houses.  I am
considered outside the main of the houshold buisness, but inclusive of
service within the house, so I am the most logical one to send to talk to
another house that might have done or said something percieved to be mean.
	(Have you ever noticed how we take this game too d##n seriously
sometimes?  What Lord So-An-So said is not going to destroy us, or damage
us really.  I have been called on to do this three times in my 10 years in
the society.  Every time it could and was settled with a few well placed
drinks, a joke or two, and the realization that "it's a game!  We do this
for fun!")
	However, I will not attempt to teach this to my bardic household.
I have had years of training with Bikers, Black Powder Groups, Druggies,
and Elementary School kids.  Don't try this at home!)
    Mikal the Ram; an annoying Bard of no redeeming qualities
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        That he is bright, let no man boast
        But take good heed of his tounge
        The silent sage , will seldom need grief
        They are honored here in the hall
        A friend more faithful, you will never find
        Than a shrewd head on your shoulders
                        The Hamaval  (translation mine)

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