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Mark Harris mark_harris at
Fri Jan 17 16:28:06 PST 1997

Countess Berengaria exclaims:

>I'm not sure why the emphasis on exclusion.  I like to know who's 
>"with" my household for practical reasons:  how many spaces to plan 
>for at feast table.  How many square feet to grab for a camp.  Etc.


I know this is not what you wanted to bring up, but it does touch on
one of the reasons I am highly cautious around households and why I
would rather they not become a big part of Ansteorra.

It really hurts to come into a hall and find that the only tables
available are at the far reaches of the hall because at most of the
tables are sentries from households holding the tables for their
households. Then you notice after feast starts that many of these
tables have empty spots because the household claimed two tables
rather than the 10 seats they really needed. Or that some of the
people in the household decided to sit with another.

The same thing happens at sites where camping is at a premium such
as Lionese(sp?) in Bjornsborg. I came very close to giving up on the 
SCA about six years ago when I couldn't find a spot at that event and 
got chased out of three "reserved" spots in a row.

You almost have to form a household as a defense. Then you can
finish teaching that class or running that tournament because you
know there is someone else holding you a spot. Or not do that
activity so you can be first in the rush.

If the household is not careful, it can also kill a small SCA
group such as a shire. The household member becomes the group
seneschal. Then over a time period, it seems that all the officers
the incoming officers are from the household. Afterall, the
seneschal wants people they know they can work with. The members
not part of the household no longer feel a part of the group and
drift away. 

Yes, there are advantages to households, particularly when there
are few local groups. But I don't see enough advantages to outwiegh
the disadvantages currently.

Stefan li Rous
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
markh at

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