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Damaris of Greenhill damaris at geocities.com
Fri Jan 17 20:38:41 PST 1997

Pug Bainter wrote:
>     falls under the authority of the Chronicler's office. Local Branch
>     Chroniclers are responsible for electronic publications produced by
>     their branch. The Kingdom Chronciler has oversight over Kingdom
>     level electronic publication and all other electroci publications
>     below the Kingdom level.

Gee.  As your successor in the beautiful Barony of Bryn Gwlad I would
certainly hope that this does _not_ mean that we(the local chroniclers)
are responsible for the content of the mailing lists.  That would be
like trying to control thoughts and ideas.  I don't even want any part
of that.   Anyway it has always been my understanding that the mailing
list is _not_ an official publication of the SCA and therefore is not
under our jurisdiction (so to speak).  <Damaris breathes a sigh of

(still no cutsie sig file)

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