The Crossroads to the S.C.A. have been updated ...

Rik Packham/Angus mac Taggart aquinas at
Sat Jan 18 16:01:53 PST 1997

Unto the Populace of the Known World, doth Angus mac Taggart, Virtual
Scribe for the Crossroads to the S.C.A., bid heartfelt greetings.

I have been remiss in updating the Crossroads, and I am working on fixing
that. I have completed the Kingdoms of the Known World, and would like to
get any criticisms, suggestions or additions. The Links Pages and the
Heraldry Pages are not finished, as yet.

I would also like the address for the Crossroads to be added to any web
page that you may be scribing that deals with the S.C.A. or anything
medieval. The address has changed for those of you who have already added
my site to your webpages (though only a little bit: remove the sca.html
from the end of the address).

Thank you.

Lord Angus mac Taggart
Virtual Scribe to the Crossroads to the Society for Creative Anachronism


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