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Gunnora Hallakarva gunnora at
Sun Jan 19 09:14:59 PST 1997

Heilsa, All!

The Viking Answer Lady Web Page at <> has
just been updated with three new answers on Viking history and culture,

Viking poetical forms and meters, plus how to write your own Viking poetry


Viking Hoaxes in the Modern Era

If you've seen a Viking Answer Lady topic as a text file from the Rialto
Archive or an e-mail message, it's still worthwhile to take a look, as each
topic has had many excellent illustrations added.

Complete Topic List:

What did the Vikings eat?
What did the Viking women wear? (updated)
What kind of ships did the Vikings sail?
What kind of navigation tools did the Vikings have? (updated)
What kind of games did the Vikings play?
Can you explain the different types of Viking poetry? (NEW)
What kind of wedding ceremonies did the Vikings use?
What was a berserker?  Did all Vikings bite their shields? (NEW)
Did the Vikings believe in ghosts?
Are the Kensington and Heavener Runestones authentic? (NEW)
How can I shop for amber today and not get cheated?


Gunnora Hallakarva
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