[SCA-CHR] Electronic publications...

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Mon Jan 20 05:43:41 PST 1997

> Back when the idea of an "electronic chronicler" was being considered,
> there was a great deal of study and comment of the idea of warranting
> SCA electronic mailing list providers.

I'm glad they were adressed during that time. From the wording used, I
wasn't sure if they had been addressed though and wanted clarification.

> It was decided that this was a less than desirable and undoable thing.


> The ONLY electronic distribution that the SCA recognizes as a publication
> is a non-interactive World Wide Web page, and that is under the auspices
> of the Kingdom Chronicler and the kingdom where it is published.

Hmm. I believe the Ansteorran rules stated that ftp sites were also
recognized under these conditions. I will have to check again.

> This is the stance of the Society Chronicler. Under current accepted
> practices for the SCA, Inc., you may accept this letter as my official
> stance, as long as you let me know you have received it.

I rather like it and since our Kingdom Chronicler is in agreement with

> I will also be sending a copy of this letter to the Ansteorran Kingdom
> Chronicler. I belive this to be a misunderstanding of the practice
> of warranting Web Ministers, and that it can be cleared up quickly.

I'm sorry if there was confusion. *I* as his deputy was confused from
the writing of the rules. He's emailed me his response, which I may post
later, with his permission.

Btw, this was mostly caused because I was mailed a "legalease" document
that I was supposed to follow and enforce. I get very anal in situations
like that. *smile*

Since everyone is in agreement, I'm very releaved that I don't have to
worry about mailing lists being an electronic publication.


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