1996 Ansteorra On-Line Award Project - Final Nominee List (long)

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Mon Jan 20 06:23:27 PST 1997

> Who can vote:

Not me. I choose to abstain, *especially* since I'm a nominee. I've never
felt it fair since I can never decide if voting for myself is morally
legit. (Do I vote for me, or definately not? Am I voting for myself to
win or cause I've done a good job? *shrug*) Not to mention, I can't judge
myself against others in this manner.

> Lord Phelem "Pug" Utred Gervais (Richard Bainter) - 

Damnit! This is way too excessive of a list of what I've done. I
appreciate the kind words, but they'll give me a big ego, which I don't
need any more of than I've already got.

> It is nearly impossible to be on-line in Ansteorra without
> encountering Pug at some point, but his diplomacy, courtesy, and
> communication skills, as well as his selfless efforts, make this something
> to be anticipated, rather than feared. (5 nominations) (Bryn Gwlad)

I fear it, but that's a personal issue that I won't bother going into.

I wish everyone luck, and truly think it would be tough to pick only 3
people out of that list to vote for. There are too many people doing
wonderful and useful things out there. I wish it was always that way in


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