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Mon Jan 20 12:44:00 PST 1997

>>> Yes It was Mike Baker, Kihe Blackeagle, He has a moorish personae if
>>> this is the gentleman i am thinking of.
>> "Persian/Eclectic", if you please, m'lord
> Please explain Eclectic. sometimes i am dense..

"Widely travelled & inclusive":  my persona as Amra geographically spans at 
least half the circumference of the globe, and I choose to include cultural 
components from most at one time or another. (Hey, I'm a bard & I tell 
stories. What better source of tales than the caravans and ports, ships and 
mercenary culture of the late XVIth century?)

The extremely abbreviated form of the LBPS [long boring persona story]: born 
in village in foothills/mountains north of Persia ("Iranistan"), orphaned 
and adopted by caravan merchant based out of (probably Moghul) India, fled 
to caravans of Persia-Arabia-Egypt after foster-father assasinated, became 
mercenary captain in the Italies, moved later to Spain, departed thence for 
the New World after foiling a plot threatening the Spanish royal house.

"Eclectic" also in my sources of story material: I've told tales or written 
about Irish, Scottish, Norse, Persian, Arabic, "Native American", African, 
Germanic, "generic Renn & medieval", and SCAdian characters or events -- and 
all within the context of the SCA.

Besides, there is also  my *very* eclectic background in religious 
participation and knowledge ... as a bard in the ancient sense, mundanely, I 
am also accorded status as a priest by at least some; I have served also as 
a lay leader in various Protestant faiths; and my now-dissolved marriage was 
via Roman Catholic rites (due to ex-wife's background).

Heck, I can tell stories about practically anything and very nearly 
guarantee offending myself without really trying -- I am an easy fellow when 
it comes to forgiveness, fortunately!


Amr ibn Majid al-Bakri al-Amra
     currently residing in Barony of the Steppes, Kingdom of Ansteorra
Mike C. Baker                      mbaker at
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