1996 Ansteorra On-Line Award Project - Final Nominee List (long)

Pug Bainter pug at pug.net
Tue Jan 21 05:31:46 PST 1997

> > Damnit! This is way too excessive of a list of what I've done. I
> > appreciate the kind words, but they'll give me a big ego, which I don't
> > need any more of than I've already got.
> Too bad.  I wrote it; and I'm a nominee, too.

You know, I thought it had a ring to it I'd seen before. *wink*

Thank you very much for the praise. It's just that I embarrass easily.

> I believe it is, as I intended it to be, an honor to be nominated.  I hope
> this project serves to encourage those who might engage in such service,
> and provides some small reward to those who already do.  I appreciate all
> the positive feedback I have gotten on it.

I was quite amazed at how many (20!) nominations there were, but not at
all surprised by any of the people on the list. It just never seems like
there are that many of us on the net, but there certainly are.

I think that all of those nominated have done a wonderful job. I don't
know if other Kingdoms have as many good people working to help them in
this new (for the SCA) medium or not, but I'm glad to see our Kingdom
full of such helpful people.

Btw, I assume you are hoping to make this an annual thing the way you
worded things. I think this is a great idea.


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