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Sharon Colvin oriana at
Tue Jan 21 15:00:36 PST 1997

talis at wrote:
> Hello from a Ravensforter :).
> I have chose a Germanic persona from late period and I am having a heck of a
> time trying to get all the background data to get a name approved. I have
> been to several libraries....and now Im trying online.

Greetings Chari:

Since you are in Ravensfort, have you thought of going to the Geneology
Library in Houston?  I don't remember the exact name of it (someone in
Houston help me please?), but it is in downtown Houston.  When I 
went a'searching in the Italian section, they had quite a number of
very, very old books, tax rolls, etc.  Be sure to bring a pencil;
they don't allow the use of ink pens.  And bring change for the copy
machine (they allow copies of most of the material, except for some of 
the very, very old books).

I'd recommend calling first, I don't remember their hours of operation.

oriana at

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