Consorting with Princesses

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Wed Jan 22 08:29:24 PST 1997

     Good Gentles,
     A recent occurrence in the Principality of Oertha, Kingdom of the 
     West, has interested us in contacting Duchess Rowan and Duke Hector, 
     who may be reading this list.  As you may or may not have heard, at 
     our Coronet Tourney held the past Saturday, Viresse de Lighthaven, 
     fighting for her lord, Astrin Straightarrow, was the victor, and is 
     now our Princess (to Whom all praise and long life).
     At Her investiture on Sunday, the Court Herald used the term "Prince 
     Consort" in referring to Prince Astrin, which use was (at least 
     tacitly) approved by His Majesty Cybi, King of the West, who was in 
     attendance.  The same term was used again quite soon in several 
     postings to the sca-west list, which resulted in a comment from 
     Mistress Tangwystl (who, among other things, is a professional 
     linguist) concerning the possible implications of such a usage.  This 
     has resulted in a fair spate of comment (which I invited), which I 
     will happily forward to any who wish to request it privily.
     At any rate, I posed the question to the sca-west list of precedents 
     that may have been established by the few esteemed women who have 
     succeeded similarly.  I am particularly interested in a response from 
     Duchess Rowan, but I would also be delighted to hear the views of any 
     of our other southern cousins.
     If Rowan and Hector are not subscribers to this list, may I cordially 
     request that someone make this question known to them?
     Thank you for your time and attention,
                                        Yours in Service,
                                        Bjarni Edwardsson
                                        Stellanordica Herald
                                        Principality of Oertha
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