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Hugh Niewoehner hughn at
Thu Jan 23 04:38:37 PST 1997

>> Yes, it is "interesting" to see how many "long unseen around these
>> parts" knights (and others) suddenly start appearing when rumors
>> start surfacing of the baron or baroness positions becoming vacant.
>Oh, it's a classic pattern.  They come out of the woodwork.  If it
>weren't borderline lying, it would be fun just to noise it about for 
>grins and giggles.  (In a generic sense.)

Actually, I have a very positive note to relate on that example.  When
Northkeep moved toward Baronial status there were a few who expressed
concern that this might happen.  One individual in particular, who's work
schedule had marginalized their local participation, came forward and
publicly stated that he and his wife would NOT be candidates for the
coronet.  This reaffirmed for me, my impression that his place is amoungst
those whom we call _Chivalry_. 


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