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Thanks, Pug, excellent post.


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>Subject: 	IMPORTANT: Candlemas changes..
>Good Morning one and all,
>  Due to a scheduling mishap, the Candlemas site is changing. The new
>  location has been narrowed down to 1 of 2 sites and will be decided no
>  later than this weekend.
>  Please watch here for the new site and directions. I will post everything
>  as soon as we have the information. As well, it will made available at:
>  We apologize for any inconviences, especially since this will not be
>  in the BlackStar since it has already been sent out. Please pass the
>  information along to those people who are attending, as well as those
>  who can pass it on to others. (Ie. At fighter practices, at meetings,
>  etc)
>In Service,
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