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/> One of the most common jokes in the Barony of Loch Sollier is if you
/> would like someone to quit playing in the Barony- pray the Crown
/> would make them a Knight.
/>                                             Baron Bors
/That's really quite sad.  I always get discouraged when I hear wry 
/jokes that peerages seem to be given out as "going away presents".  
/But then I'm one of those weird people who doesn't believe someone 
/should accept a peerage unless they can live up to the "continue 
/their efforts as they have until now" part.
/Countess Berengaria de Montfort de Carcassonne, OP
/Barony of Caerthe
/Kingdom of the Outlands

It is sad that in our Kingdom the road to Knighthood seems to be so difficult
and by the time they get to that position they have sacrificed so much in
other areas of their lives that they just burn. The Knights (and Crown) 
seem to have set a standard of maturity (and/or "social skills") level 
along with fighting ability far exceeding what it took for the majority
of the Circle to attain their peerage.  And Gods forbid that anyone
be on the track of the ellusive bird.

Lorraine DeerSlayer  

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