IMPORTANT: New Candlemas site!

Pug Bainter pug at
Sat Jan 25 07:17:21 PST 1997

We have a new site for Candlemas!! 

Due to circumstance beyond our control, the Barony of Bryn Gwlad lost
our site for Candlemas. However, we have found a new site, and all is well. 
The new site is at the Pfluger Hall in Pflugerville, Texas, (just north
of Austin).

Directions to the site are as follows:

Exit IH35 east onto FM 1825. Once heading east, at the first traffic
signal, the road will fork, stay to the left. (There is an HEB grocery
store at the fork. If you drive by the HEB and it is on your left hand
side, you are going the wrong way.)

The road retains the name FM 1825, and will make a few large turns. Stay
on FM 1825, past two schools and into Pflugerville. Once in
Pflugerville, FM 1825 changes names to Pecan. Stay on Pecan into
downtown Pflugerville. 

The site is on the corner of Pecan Street and Rail Road Street, beyond
the Fire Department. Turn right onto Rail Road, and the site will be to
your immediate left. There will also be visible SCA signs pointing the

Two small changes due to new site rules: No lit candles will be allowed
in the hall. (Yes, we know its Candlemas, but we're between a rock and a
hard place, here. Sorry). And any soft drinks, wine or beer must be
purchased at the tavern, (from the site - again, we're sorry but there's
nothing that we can do). 

Nothing else about the event will change: There will be a tavern with
games! There will be a ladies' solarium! There will be music and dancing
throughout the day! There will be a magnificent feast! There will be
children's activities! There will be fun and merriment. good friends,
persona play and everything else that brings us together at an event!

Finally, please spread the word about the new site to anyone and
everyone whom you think may be going to Candlemas. Please make print
outs of this announcement and spread the word as much as you can in your
local area. If you have any questions, please call the event steward,
Sir Pendaran Glamorgan at 259-8626. No calls after 10:00 PM, please.

Thank you, and may blessing be with you all!


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