Lyonesse Letters of Intent

Heidi J Torres hjt at
Sat Jan 25 09:26:39 PST 1997

Fair greetings to all!

This is just a friendly reminder: if you are planning to attend Lyonesse 
and are entering either the Tournament or the Arts & Sciences, you must 
send a letter of intent to be considered for the Championship.

Letters of intent need to be to the Lady Lyonesse by February 28.  At the 
Grand Processional, fighters and their sponsoring ladies will be 
announced in the order your Letter of Intent was received.

Artisans, you too need to send a letter, so we'll know how much space to 
save for you.

Letters should include addresses of both the entrant and sponsoring lady 
so that Lyonesse booklets can be mailed to you.  (Artisans, you don't 
need a sponsor.)

Mail letters of intent to:

c/o Karen Moon
3270 Nacogdoches Rd. #1311
San Antonio, TX  78217

A representative of the Lady Lyonesse will be at Candlemas -- booklets 
should be out by then.  If you wish to hand in your LOI in person, it can 
be done.

Any questions?  Write to the above e-mail add.

Tra la!


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