Blackfox e-mail address?

Tim McDaniel tmcd at
Sat Jan 25 19:31:17 PST 1997

Wm. Blackfox, are you out there?  Does anyone have his e-mail address
conveniently to hand?  If so, please e-mail me at tmcd at -- no
need to reply to the list.  (If you reply, watch that To: line!)

(I just saw his Warthaven in the latest Black Star.  LORDY, that's
bizarre!  I'd like to put it into the next external Letter of Intent
to Register.  Therefore, I need to talk to Blackfox first to see if he
would permit it, and if so, under what conditions.  It would be
despicable theft to publish without the copyright holder's permission
-- a point which all too few people appreciate.)

Daniel de Lincoln
                             Tim McDaniel
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