Ballista Spears

Scott White swhite at
Sun Jan 26 08:16:19 PST 1997

>I have heard that ballista spears have to pass javelin standers.

Well, here are the javelin standards in the Ansteorra Participant's Handbook:

C. Hand Thrown Projectiles: 

1. Hand thrown projectiles are those weapons such as javelins, throwing
axes, hammers, boulders, rocks, etc.. 

a. All hand thrown projectiles shall be constructed entirely with approved

b. Hand thrown weapons shall not be constructed so as to flail or entangle,
nor shall they be so large or heavy as to be hazardous when used. 

And that's all it says. Surely that doesn't mean I can use wooden shafts
(like arrows)? Or do they have to be golf tubes? And I see nothing about
head size/compression.

I've never seen a combat javelin, though I hear they're prevalent elsewhere.
How do I build one?

Thanks again, 

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