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Sun Jan 26 19:08:24 PST 1997

On Sun, 26 Jan 1997, Matthew R. Popalisky wrote:

> So would you all like to regale us with wonderful stories about
> wInterkingdom?  How good was the feast?
> Details, details!
> Sick that I had to miss it,
> Kateryn
> Grimfells

	OOOOOOOHHHHH!  What a fun time.  Okay,  I'll gloat!  
	I arrived on the site on Friday, 10pm.  After checking in, I was
treated to a nice "beside the fireplace" bardic circle that just
"happened" when I got there, (funny how that works...)
	Saturday the inn was serving hotcakes and coffee just to get us
started.  The usual die-hard campers were in attendence, as was he New
Majesty, the Sultan, and His Sultana.  Classes were well attended,
(Including mine!) and set up for the convenience of the attendees.  Only a
few people seemed to have trouble getting to the class they wanted.  The
weather cooperated, and did not go below 40 until much later.
	The court was fine, not too long, and included the Sultan's call
for the populus to attend Lionesse (SP), in verse, no less!  (Where do you
Ansteorrans get kings like this?  We need to make sure every kingdom gets
one this year!)
	Then the feast!  My table was within view of head table and beside
the kitchen door.  The first trays of cheese, bread, veggies and sauteed
Mushrooms hit the table and we were off and chewing!
	The munchies were sorely destroyed when the soup arrived.  Wish I
could remember what kind it was, but a lot of the feast becomes a blur
after driving back six hours...
	Pasta followed in your choice of "red" or "white" sauce,
accompanied with garlic bread.  This was followed by beef or chicken,
(again by choice), and potatoes, with sides of honey glazed carrots.
	Cheesecake with chocolate or cherry sauce finnished it out.
	Of course I dined with Thorvald and Robert, and we were joined by
Luciana, who had driven down with me.  The virtual food fight, (Conducted
with written notes) got hot and heavy between ourselves and head table.
This might have had something to do with my rendition of the "Old Dun Cow"
at table, (No, the bards were not entertaining then!  I will not interupt
a bard!) and the hearty sing-along of "Gilligan's Isle" that prompted a
salvo from the Baroness.
	The revel afterward gave me a chance to spoil the Feastocrat with
drink and a seat by the fire, and later a chance to swap songs with his
Majesty!  (We need to talk about this King.  We need to clone him and ship
out duplicates!  HMMMMMM. The Stepford Crowns....  And don't forget her
Mag, either!  The two of them performed at feast!  I love a crown that
doesn't get "stuffy!")
	All in all a really good time!  I had to leave on Sunday, but I
loved every min. I was there!  Amazing!  It's a Barony of such small size,
but they all do so much!
	Only one whine;  I didn't get to play with Torvald and Co. much.
Too few people to do too much.  (I need to compose a Lampoon!  This is
twice I have traveled down there only to be denied a chance to spend time
with them!  Heh-heh-heh!  I'll write a good one too!)
	Is this detailed enough?
	Mikal, your Calontir spy.

    Mikal the Ram; an annoying Bard of no redeeming qualities
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