Nathan W. Jones njones at
Sun Jan 26 20:45:02 PST 1997

Kateryn wrote: 
> So would you all like to regale us with wonderful stories about
> wInterkingdom?  How good was the feast?

Uh...I left right after court, so I didn't get to sample the feast, 
but from what I saw working in the kitchen, it looked great!  The 
feastocrat was a marvel, very well run kitchen.
> Details, details!

Again, I'm a bad one to ask.  I didn't sit in on any of the classes.
But I heard great things about them, and from the bits and pieces that
I did catch, they seemed nifty.

Let's see...other than it being cold and windy, it was a beautiful 
day!  Ummm...there was a play of some sort, but at that point I was
in immense pain and didn't catch most of it.  But my nephew seemed 
to enjoy it.

Court was good.  Not too long and with well deserved awards from what I 
gathered from the populace.  There was a rising star, a compass rose, an
three Iris' and a Court Barony.  You'll have to ask someone else for the
names of those gentles, though.  I'm still new here and don't know many 

The King Mahdi gave a really great "speech" about Gulf Wars!!!!
The best "rouse the masses" schtick that I've heard in a long
while.  It was a poem enciting the populace of the kingdom to 
be ready for war.  Really well done.

And, after court, I rounded up my nephew and headed home to 
get warm and take massive amounts of ibuprophen.  :(


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